Be explicit about deadlines when requesting work

Myself and my partner Vera went to the movies recently, and as always, had a little laugh at the start of the movie. In the local cinema we go to, a big sign comes up on screen just before the movie starts that says: Please bring your glasses back to the bar This always makes […]

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It’s time to cut a few corners

I don’t know about you, but I find the Ikea store layout devilishly clever but a bit frustrating. They have designed a one-way route that takes you past every department, every display and every product. Which is fine when you want to browse and are not sure exactly what you want. But I have often […]

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Be disciplined in planning your week

When I was a boy, my dad had a bit of a control thing going on and would not let me touch any of his tools or do any of the practical ‘handyman’ jobs around the house. I guess he worried that I would not do the jobs properly, and he always went by the […]

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Zooming in and out of focus

Zooming in and out of focus  I am currently researching the content and topics for my next book, which will focus on what the most effective senior leaders do differently to the rest of us to maintain productivity in such busy roles.  One of the things I notice effective leaders doing differently is managing their focus and attention. Much like rubbing their stomach and […]

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I want to help the future

I want to help the future. The past is past and was busier than I would have liked. The present is upon us and is full-on. But the future has yet to happen and can be influenced by what we do now. Anything I can proactively do ahead of time to make my future, and […]

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When you don’t have your camera on

Something that I experience a lot, and hear my clients talk about, is online meeting participants not turning their camera on. Now, I know that with remote working, it can be hard to have what is happening behind us on show in a meeting. We might be forced to work from our bedroom, have kids […]

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Elite meeting mindsets

A good friend of mine had a high-profile career at the very top level of AFL football administration. We were talking recently about what it means to be an elite player in a football team. Whilst any player who has made it into a top-level footy team is going to be a good player, he […]

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Make it easy on yourself

Like many people in the present circumstances, my partner and I are involved in a Friday night Zoom Trivia gathering to ease the isolation of lockdown. It links us up with our beautiful friends and challenges the grey matter in a healthy way. But the part everyone hates is the scoring.Over the past few weeks, we […]

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Personal and group productivity – the key to highly productive teams

Watching the Olympics is a lovely distraction at the moment, and as always, I am amazed about how passionate I become about sports that I have never even watched before. As long as there is an Aussie competing, I am all in! It is amazing to watch some of the team events, and to see […]

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If you need me to do something, ask me directly

So much of the work that we are responsible for involves asking other people to do things, or provide necessary information. And of course, it requires others asking us to do things or provide information as well. In the past, these requests would have been made verbally, by memo, or in more recent times, via […]

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