Everything will be the same but different

As I was driving to the shops, I wound down the window, and then thought what an antiquated phrase that now is. We don’t wind down the window anymore, we press a button, and a motor lowers it for us. Likewise, we don’t hang up the phone anymore, we press a button and the call […]

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Treat meetings like Wagyu steak

Prefer to listen? As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am a bit of a foodie. Over the last couple of years, I made the decision that if I am going to cook a steak, I am going to cook the best, which in my opinion, is usually a Wagyu steak. Now, I […]

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The philosophy of Gordon Ramsay

As you will already know, I am a bit of a productivity nut. And you may know that I am also a bit of a food nut. I am currently reading Gordons Ramsay’s new book, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay: A Story of Excellence. It is half autobiography, and half cookbook. And it is a great read […]

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Get back up above the line

There is an unmistakable feeling of busyness out there in the workplace at the moment. Workers, leaders and teams feeling like they have never been so busy, but even with all of this activity, sometimes struggling to have an impact.   My friend Matt Church put me onto a book a couple of years ago called […]

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The two unspoken productivity killers

I was asked to be a guest on the ABC Melbourne radio show The Conversation Hour last week. This was off the back of a video blog done by the ABC finance presenter Alan Kohler on productivity growth. He talked about the fact that productivity growth has been declining in Australia for decades. This was […]

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Productivity is very much a leadership issue

I bumped into a client in a deli the other day, and she told me that she had been talking to her team recently, who had all participated in my training. They remarked on how I seemed to have disappeared a bit. John Lennon once wrote that ‘Life is what happens when you are busy […]

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Our role in making flexible working work

I read an interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald the other day about some companies that had trialled a 4-day working week for employees with great success. In fact, after the trial finished, only one company out of twenty-six did not continue with the model. This got me thinking about what we need to do if […]

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Have I done enough?

Have I done enough? As the year draws to a close, I have been reflecting on what I have done, what I have progressed and what I have achieved this year. One of the questions in my mind has been ‘Have I done enough?’ Have I leveraged my time, energy and attention to the max […]

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Increase the heat of your intentions

Increase the heat of your intentions A friend of mine gave me a lovely compliment yesterday. We were having a conversation about a business strategy I was implementing, and he told me that he loved my intentionality. I asked him what made him say that, and he said “I just love the way you always […]

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Hold the line

There is a great scene in the movie Braveheart, where William Wallace, aka Mel Gibson, steadies his men on the battlefield, as the better equipped and larger English force bears down on them. As his rag-tag Scottish army stand in a long line waiting for the enemy, he calls ‘Hold, hold, hold the line’. His […]

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