Let the people you work with know your system

I am currently enjoying a three-month stint in Europe, part holiday, part family and part work. Myself and my partner Vera are mainly based in her home country of Italy but work recently took me to London to run a session for a UK based client. On my way back to Italy, I travelled through […]

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Know how long regular tasks take

Do you know how long your work generally takes you? If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity to focus yourself, and to negotiate with others. We recently moved to a new house which has a slightly bigger front and back garden that need mowing on a weekly basis. Now I am not […]

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To capture or not to capture, that is the question

A participant in a recent webinar asked me this very thoughtful question. Is it worth capturing a task in your task list if it will only take twenty minutes? We had been discussing the merits of capturing all meetings in your calendar and all priorities in your task list. I sensed that he was struggling […]

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Manage your time in thirds

Irish people, myself included, often struggle with their ‘t’s and ‘th’s. If I need to say the word ‘tree’, my brain will want to say ‘three’, and vice versa. As I approach the dreaded word, I almost have to stop talking, organise the words in my head, and then say them. Thirty-three and a third […]

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The time management myth

I was a participant at an online conference last week. During one of the sessions we were put into breakout groups for a discussion activity. I did not know the other people in the breakout group well, and some not at all. One of the group, unaware of the fact that I specialised in what […]

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Which list is best?

I recently flew to Dubai for my first international client engagement since the pandemic put an end to our travels a couple of years ago. It is not an understatement that it was a bit daunting, but I was very keen to ensure that the trip ran in a safe and uneventful way. One of […]

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Be explicit about deadlines when requesting work

Myself and my partner Vera went to the movies recently, and as always, had a little laugh at the start of the movie. In the local cinema we go to, a big sign comes up on screen just before the movie starts that says: Please bring your glasses back to the bar This always makes […]

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It’s time to cut a few corners

I don’t know about you, but I find the Ikea store layout devilishly clever but a bit frustrating. They have designed a one-way route that takes you past every department, every display and every product. Which is fine when you want to browse and are not sure exactly what you want. But I have often […]

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Be disciplined in planning your week

When I was a boy, my dad had a bit of a control thing going on and would not let me touch any of his tools or do any of the practical ‘handyman’ jobs around the house. I guess he worried that I would not do the jobs properly, and he always went by the […]

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Zooming in and out of focus

Zooming in and out of focus  I am currently researching the content and topics for my next book, which will focus on what the most effective senior leaders do differently to the rest of us to maintain productivity in such busy roles.  One of the things I notice effective leaders doing differently is managing their focus and attention. Much like rubbing their stomach and […]

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