NOvember is here

A good friend of mine, Meredith Wilson, works with leadership teams to help them build and lead better cultures. I recently saw her post about what she calls NOvember, and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I asked her if I could share this idea to my readers and clients. She has made it […]

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Reduce unnecessary CCs by empowering your team

Prefer to listen? Listen to Dermot’s audio recording below: I am noticing a recurring behaviour with many people who email me. I’m not sure if I’m noticing it because it is happening more frequently, or if it’s just grabbed my attention for some other reason, but it’s a behaviour worth talking about, as I believe […]

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The connection between attention and traction

Prefer to listen? Listen to Dermot’s audio recording below: Have you ever noticed the strong connection between attention and traction? The things that are front of mind for us, that are most pressing, that are holding our attention, are the things that tend to get traction and progress. Every day we shift multiple pieces of […]

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Tell them what NOT to do

On the weekend I did one of my favourite things – built Ikea furniture. No really, I love it. It is like Lego for me, a creative exercise with step-by-step instructions. As usual, I got myself into a bit of trouble. About halfway into building a set of shelves, I ran into a dead end. […]

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It’s about getting started, and then to keep going

After three amazing months in Italy, it’s now back to working and living in Australia. One of my goals for the trip away was to improve my almost non-existent Italian, which I felt was important because my partner Vera is originally from Milan. Well, the time away has certainly got me heading in the right […]

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Collaborative versus adversarial negotiation

So, here I am, back in Oz after our trip of a lifetime to Italy and Europe. So many highlights, both personal and from a work point of view. One of them was spending a weekend with our friends Tiziana and Eric in Amsterdam. They showcased their beautiful city so well, especially when they took […]

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Too much work or capacity erosion?

Ciao from Trieste, Italy, a truly beautiful part of the World. I recently overheard a conversation between a team leader and the HR person who supported the team. They were discussing a pulse survey conducted across the team in question. One of the comments from the HR person caught my attention. ‘A common theme coming […]

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A twenty-year milestone

It is hard to believe, but twenty years ago today I went down to the Department of Fair Trading and started Adapt Productivity, a business that was little more than an idea in my mind and a passion in my belly. I remember the date vividly, as it was the 1st July, the first day […]

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Let the people you work with know your system

I am currently enjoying a three-month stint in Europe, part holiday, part family and part work. Myself and my partner Vera are mainly based in her home country of Italy but work recently took me to London to run a session for a UK based client. On my way back to Italy, I travelled through […]

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Know how long regular tasks take

Do you know how long your work generally takes you? If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity to focus yourself, and to negotiate with others. We recently moved to a new house which has a slightly bigger front and back garden that need mowing on a weekly basis. Now I am not […]

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