Take a good look in the mirror

It finally happened! I was asked at the checkout in my local supermarket if I had a senior’s card! How bad is that? I’m 51, but in my head see myself as a shade over 40. I keep in shape, and beside some follicle challenges, don’t think I look too bad for my age. But […]

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A quality act

Recently, my publisher sent me some complimentary download codes for the audio version of my book Smart Teams (shameless plug warning – you can download on Audible here). I decided to gift them to people who supported me by writing a testimonial for the book when it was first published.  I was surprised when one of the recipients, my […]

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Working productively the Harvard way

I recently had the privilege of attending a leadership development program at the Harvard Kennedy Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. It was a seven-day intensive, run by one of the world’s leading thinkers on leadership, Professor Ron Heifetz. If you’re familiar with the analogy of getting off the dancefloor and standing on the balcony to […]

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Folding Time

I’m a member of a community of experts called Thought Leaders. One of the community leaders in the US, Janine (Neen) James teaches about the power of attention. Her book, ‘Folding Time’ is a great read. Neen reckons effective people learn to manage time. But those who are truly at the top of their game […]

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Make meeting roles explicit

I was asked to attend a meeting with a new client recently to discuss the relevance of our productivity training for their team. The meeting invite was sent out by the client to me and a handful of internal people. As the meeting invitees came into the meeting room, I was introduced to each by […]

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The key to focus every day

Recently I have been running Smart Teams workshops for several clients who have previously attended our Smart Work personal productivity training. It’s always insightful to revisit clients at some stage after they have done the initial training, because even though the Smart Work system is simple and practical, it’s easy to slip back into old […]

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We have more time than we think

Over the Christmas break I identified some jobs to do at home that have been hanging over me for a while. One of them was to clean out the walk-in food pantry in the kitchen. Over the years it has filled up with stuff, making it hard to find space for anything new.  Plus it’s always a challenge finding things once they’re in there.  So […]

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Against the wind

Well those drifters’ days are past me now, I’ve got so many more things to think about Deadlines and commitments, what to leave in, what to leave out Against the wind, I’m still running against the wind I’m older now but still running against the wind  Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band    I love that song – a classic from the 1970’s […]

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Turn intentions into behaviours

I once read that culture is a set of collective beliefs and behaviours. In organisations, the productivity culture is influenced by the behaviours of the people within the organisation, especially senior managers. Staff see how managers and leaders operate and tend to copy these behaviours. The behaviours then become the norm. For instance, if an organisation has a meeting-heavy culture, it is […]

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A more proactive approach to toilet paper

What is it with people not replacing the toilet paper? How hard can it be? On the odd occasion that I walk into a bathroom to find no toilet paper, I am struck by how selfish the behaviour of the previous occupant was, and how reactive that person’s work life must also be (I will […]

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