Smart Work Program

Delivered online or onsite, Smart Work shows busy knowledge workers how to manage their schedules, priorities, and information more effectively using the technology already at their fingertips, specifically MS Outlook and MS 365. The program has been tailored to assist office-based workers, those working from home, and those in hybrid roles, by delivering practical and relevant strategies for today’s digital workplace.
Program Overview
Designed for In-house groups and teams
Program Duration Online: 2 x 2 hour sessions | Live: 6 hours
Program Size Online: 25 participants | Live: 18 participants
Location Online or onsite
  • Manage all activities in one central tool
  • Create a daily action plan to focus on priorities and commitments
  • Balance meeting and task workload
  • Filter & prioritise all forms of incoming work, including e-mail
  • Balance responsiveness and proactivity
  • Harness the full power of MS Outlook
  • Maintain focus in an interruption-driven environment
  • Explore the role of other collaboration tools and how they should be used to work effectively with others
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Personal productivity is about working in a way that gets results, but is also balanced, focused, proactive, and impactful.

Unfortunately, many workers and managers in today’s busy workplaces are far from that reality. They are overwhelmed, distracted, reactive and stressed.

The Smart Work program has been developed with a specific focus on solving the productivity issues faced by modern workers. It delivers practical strategies that can be applied to the best productivity tools at the fingertips of our participants, tools like MS Outlook.

We believe the best way to change behaviours is to take great productivity theory and implement it in great productivity technology. Many of the strategies covered in the program can be applied to MS Outlook, which allows participants to apply the learning directly to their real work in real time.

Smart Work also touches on using tools like MS OneNote, MS Teams and MS Planner when collaboration is needed.

The program is built around three core personal productivity modules – Actions, Inputs and Outcomes. It also creates powerful personal productivity routines around Processing, Planning and Prioritising.

The proof is in the pudding

We guarantee you’ll get immediate results. Just checkout the stats below collected from our participants of past courses.


gained at least 30 minutes of
more productive time per day


achieved greater focus on important work


increased their ability to manage email


achieved inbox zero on a regular basis


would recommend the training
to others in their organisation

The Smart Work approach

The Smart Work program will benefit anyone managing a busy workload and using MS Outlook.  The program is particularly beneficial for people with deadline driven or collaborative roles such as: managers, supervisors, professional staff, sales teams, support staff, project managers and teams, executive assistants, and administrators. This program is especially relevant to teams who are working remotely.


Module 1: Centralise Your Actions

The first module explores how participants can increase control over their work by centralising their actions into one powerful organising tool, MS Outlook. They learn to configure MS Outlook to manage their actions in a more balanced and proactive way. This enables them to manage their time, energy and focus more effectively.

Module 2: Organise Your Inputs

The second module looks at how we can manage our inputs in a more efficient and deliberate manner. Particular focus is put on the management of email, and how participants can reduce stress levels and reactivity by getting in control of their inbox. We explore best-practice filing strategies, and look at ways to reduce the email noise that often distracts us from more important work.

Module 3: Realise Your Outcomes

The final module helps participants spend more of their time, energy and focus on the work that has the most impact. By embedding powerful planning and prioritising routines, participants will reduce time spent on busywork, and will instead spend more of their time working on the priorities that make a real difference over the long term.

Clients who’ve benefitted from this program

You have revolutionised my life! Our session on Wednesday was a game-changer for me! Unlike most courses, where I begin seriously invested and drift off half way through, I actually found myself becoming more invested in what you were saying as the day progressed.  

Monique Hope-Pearson, Group Legal Council, Connective Broker Services

In my 6 years in CommSec (and CBA) this is the BEST COURSE I’ve ever done. I would recommend to anyone at any level. In fact I've had 4 of my staff go through it since. Its easy application in real time with ongoing support makes it easy for everyone and anyone to implement ..…

Steve Mater, Executive Manager Investment Sales, CommSec

I am delighted to report that today, the team are totally energised and working diligently to implement the new systems.  The office has a completely different feel, a warmth of positive energy.

David Smith, Managing Director, SC Botanicals

Adapt’s integrated approach to managing inputs, actions and outcomes through centralised action planning has made a world of difference to how I operate and what I get done.  Achieving a zero inbox has taken a weight off my shoulders and I feel more in control of my time.

Steven Ford, Managing Director, Bulbeck Group

This is the most valuable training I have done in years!  

Rachel Foley-Lewis, Senior Partner, Deloitte Australia

Does it sound like your team needs this program?

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