How visibility can influence your culture 

I recently visited Launceston to spend a day with a local management team. I stayed in a very cool new hotel – Peppers Silo Hotel. As the name suggests, it is an old converted grain silo, and I loved it! I had dinner in the hotel restaurant and was blown away by the way the kitchen worked. I have worked in restaurant kitchens in […]

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Productivity lessons from school

Well, today is the last day of school for my son Finn. He starts his HSC in a few weeks, and then takes on the World. I am so excited for him. And just a little sad. Just yesterday I was walking him to kindy!Here are three productivity lessons I hope he takes out of his schooling and into the […]

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Are your subject lines fuzzy or focused?

I recently helped a team create a more productive culture around email usage. They were all past alumni of Smart Work, and all passionate users of the system, but they still struggled with the high volume and poor quality of email communications they received each day.  One of the big breakthroughs they had on the day was to agree on a set of email subject abbreviations […]

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Stay in the loop and in control

I recently worked with the head of a consulting team in Sydney. He was receiving a large volume of emails every day and was struggling to keep up. During our discussions I discovered that he was CC’d on every email sent to his clients by his team. This resulted in him getting over three hundred emails every day! When […]

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The 25 Minute Meeting

My good friend and colleague Donna McGeorge has just published a new book that I can’t wait to share with you. It is called The 25 Minute Meeting and shows you how to double the impact of your meetings in half the time. If you’ve have been following my recent blogs, especially since I released Smart Teams, […]

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Leadership at all Levels

I’m going to start by talking rubbish but will get to an important productivity point a bit further on. Plastic bags are a huge burden on the environment and the healthy future of our planet. This is a big issue in NSW at the moment as many shoppers wrestle with the prospect of bringing their […]

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How Wasteful Email Habits Can Cause a Productivity Drought

The early 2000’s brought the worst drought in recorded history, which in Sydney meant severe water restrictions. We couldn’t wash cars, water the garden, or allow the kids to play in the sprinklers on hot days. Hard as this seemed at the time, it made me change my behaviour around water wastage, and to this […]

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Sand in your Shoes and Emails in your Inbox

You might recall my last newsletter was written in the sunny glow of a holiday in Europe. Well, I’m back in Sydney, with sand in my shoes and emails in my inbox! Returning home got me thinking about my ‘back-to-work’ process.  I like it because it ensures I start back in a focused and productive […]

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You get what you give

I’m in the middle of an amazing holiday in Europe, with just a few work commitments needing my focus, including this blog.  Not too bad though – I’m writing this from sunny Dublin, with a good coffee in my hand! One of the things I’ve noticed over the past few weeks is how few emails […]

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Think about where you store information

We have so much information to manage these days, and it can be hard to work out where to put it all. Most of us default to keeping our emails in folders in our mailbox, and documents in folders on our computer. This is fine in most circumstances. However, it can be frustrating for your […]

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