Do you trust your inbox?

I spoke to a friend recently, who mentioned her struggle with saving useful information and research she found online. Typically, she would come across a useful article or fact, and then not know what to do with it. I suggested doing what I do. When I come across something interesting online, I will email the […]

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Do it right the first time

Like most people with full schedules, I have lots to get done and precious little time to get it done in. I get frustrated when my time is unnecessarily wasted by other people, because the opportunity cost for me is huge. I recently bought a new laptop, visiting the brand’s flagship store to pick it […]

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Get specific when you delegate

Just the other day my partner delegated something to me, but unfortunately did not get the result she wanted. She showed me a bottle of laundry conditioner – Fluffy to be exact – and asked me to buy some when shopping for dinner. I made a note of this on my phone, so I didn’t […]

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Find a way to love your work and your job

I talked to a client recently about his workload. He was telling me his typical day on the job would start around 6.00am most mornings. With back-to-back meetings to look forward to, this was the only time he could deal with the 400-500 emails he received every day. While I hear versions of this story […]

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Value your time

I turned fifty recently. I know – hard to believe when you look at me! I reckon I’ve done OK. I’m still fit and have kept most of my hair. Some say I may be getting delusional, but I’m not sure why. Anyway, turning fifty reminded me of a sobering and somewhat shocking exercise a […]

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The five-finger meeting evaluation

There is an old joke about meetings that I quite like. Not all meetings are bad – some of them are cancelled. Harsh, but funny. I write a lot about meetings in my new book, Smart Teams, and believe we can all get better with how we organise, run and attend meetings. But meetings are […]

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Focus your inbox

Most of us don’t like change, me included.  Anything that turns my comfortable world upside down is always unsettling. Especially when the change affects one of my favourite productivity tools – Microsoft Outlook. Anyone using Office 365 in their workplace will no doubt be used to regular updates from Microsoft.  Most changes are tweaks that […]

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Get clear for the new year

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome back to work. As soon as I’m back from the summer break, I always like to clear the way for what I hope will be a productive year ahead. In other words, I move from ‘end of holiday confusion’ to ‘start of year clarity’. To achieve this clarity, I […]

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Make meetings count

One of the most common ways that we cause productivity friction in our team is through unnecessary and unproductive meetings. Not every meeting is unnecessary or unproductive, but many are, and most could be tightened up at least a bit. I hear stories about meetings from clients that would make your blood boil and your […]

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Try making less noise

My upcoming book, Smart Teams is essentially about how we work together more productively, and how we reduce the friction we cause each other when we interact. One of the main ways we cause productivity friction is when we communicate using tools like email. We may not mean to, but we create way too much […]

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