Get out of your IN and into your OUT

If you have been following my posts you’ve probably heard me talk about getting in control of your Inbox. Just a few times! While there are many facets of productivity that I have explored over the years, I keep coming back to this powerful productivity strategy. And here’s why. In Smart Work I outlined a productivity framework […]

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What to do when things get too busy

The Adapt team and I have been very lucky during this challenging time in lockdown as we have been able to successfully switch to high quality online delivery of our programs. Thank you to all our clients who have placed their trust in us to deliver great outcomes through our webcams! However, we have noticed […]

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Managing information around complex tasks

I was speaking to my mate Nick recently and he reminded me about some of the challenges we’re facing in maintaining productivity whilst working remotely. Last month, I wrote about how we can leverage Microsoft tools like Outlook, Teams and Planner to stay organised and connected when working remotely. Nick runs a small IT business […]

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Our work spaces are changing

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the need to stay productive while working remotely.  Now that many of us are working from home, the work spaces we were used to have changed. The open plan office space, physical meeting rooms, huddle boards and even the communal kitchen area are out of bounds to […]

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Staying productive when working remotely

So here we are in the midst of what looks like one of the most disruptive events many of us will ever face. I hope you and the people around you are holding up and I wish you all the best for the difficult weeks and months that lie ahead. Even though it’s early days, […]

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How to Measure Workplace Urgency

This week’s post is a little different. I’ll be sharing a video recording with you of a coaching session I recently participated in with my friend and colleague, Stacey Barr. Stacey is a Performance Measure Specialist, Creator of PuMP and Author of Prove IT! and Practice Performance Measurement, about measuring workplace urgency. You can find […]

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Back to vinyl

I’m a massive music fan and recount my childhood and life through the classics that I grew up listening to during the seventies, eighties and beyond. I get energy from listening to music, and often escape there when I need to recharge.   I left my record collection behind in Ireland when I came to Australia in 1993. On a trip back […]

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Take a weight off

Those of you who have experienced the Smart Work training will know that I advocate and use a date-activated task management system. This simply means I forward schedule my tasks in lists for today, tomorrow, this week, next week and so on, and I do this all with minimal fuss in MS Outlook. This works […]

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How being proactive can save you when you need to be reactive

I recently avoided a potentially calamitous situation because I choose to operate in a proactive way.  I’m checking in at Sydney International Airport for a long-haul flight to the US, and the check-in agent advises me that there is no visa attached to my passport.  That can’t be right I’m thinking.  While packing the day before I […]

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Organisation on the road

People often ask me the best way to manage their priorities when out and about or on the road. Most of us have phones or tablets that sync our email and calendars, and although these apps are always going to be lightweight compared to a tool like MS Outlook, they still do a reasonable job of helping us to stay […]

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