Have I done enough?

Posted by Dermot Crowley on 20th December 2022

Have I done enough?

As the year draws to a close, I have been reflecting on what I have done, what I have progressed and what I have achieved this year. One of the questions in my mind has been ‘Have I done enough?’ Have I leveraged my time, energy and attention to the max and to the benefit of my practice, my team and my life?

To answer this, I ask myself two other questions:

Could I have done more? I am sure I could have.

Should I have done more? Probably not.  

I have had a busy year, but not too busy. Many of you will know I have a three-month sojourn in Italy, which was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have put less focus on managing my time this year and more focus on managing my energy. This has meant that I have had a less compressed schedule, but I have turned up to the commitments I had scheduled (work and personal) more fully and more engaged.

I could have done more, worked longer, ticked more things off the list, sent more emails and had more dinners with friends. But I feel I got the balance pretty right, and the amount of activity I have done has been enough to achieve outstanding results in the business, keep my team engaged and happy, and make my family and friends feel that I have been present and engaged. This makes me feel happy, and able to enjoy the break over the next few weeks.

So, as you start winding down for 2022, take a moment to reflect on what you have done, progressed and achieved. Ask yourself if you have done enough, no more, no less. If so, enjoy the break and try to bring the same intent into 2023.

By the way, some exciting things are happening next year. Smart Work will be republished mid-year with a hybrid working slant, which I think will be very topical. I am currently writing book three of the Smart Series, called Lead Smart, which talks to how leaders can lead the smart working principles in their teams and their organisations. I am very excited about this, so look out for that later in the year. I look forward to sharing some of these ideas with you in the coming months. Have an amazing break and see you all on the other side.

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