Urgent! The book

Strategies to Control Urgency, Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

Urgency – that frantic feeling that we need to be doing more, and faster—is a destructive force in today’s workplace. Unnecessary urgency can be toxic, causing stress and burnout. But not all urgency is bad, and sometimes we really do need to get things done quickly. Too little urgency can lead to inaction and lost productivity. So how do we find the right balance where we can use urgency as a meaningful tool to keep productivity up, without generating burnout?

Urgent! is a guide to using urgency for good to help achieve your goals, to drive success, and minimise stress for yourself, your teams, and your business.

This short video unbundles the key ideas behind the book.

"Disruption requires us to deal with immediacy, but that does mean everything requires urgency. This book explains the difference."

Matt Church, founder of Thought Leaders Global, author of Amplifiers

Told with genuine insight and a sprinkle of wit, never could this evidence-based study be any more timely and urgent than now, in this era of shifting and resetting workplace paradigms. An easy-to-follow playbook for business and government leaders and workers to make sense of what we do today but should be doing tomorrow.

Charles Miranda, author, editor and journalist

"This latest offering from Australia's leading expert on productivity is his best work yet (and that's saying something...Dermot's work has already had a profound impact on me and my team, and transformed how we work and how we work together). If you want to do more deep work, more meaningful work and have an impact,…

Peter Cook, Chairperson of Thought Leaders, author of The Thought Leaders Practice and The New Rules of Management

"Dermot has been guiding our team through 'Smart Work' and 'Smart Teams' for just over two years. The strength and clarity of his knowledge and personal work practices flow into his books and training, and our results have been transformational.  Team members experience a greater sense of control and ease in their work days, and…

Lesley Mackay, GM Tasmania, The Smith Family

"COVID-19 shows us that we can all work differently.  It forced us to reassess what was urgent, what was important and what was a true crisis.  Dermot Crowley's latest book Urgent! points out the 'inconvenient truth' of urgent work and how this leads to unproductive cultures.  Urgent! shows us how to be less reactive and…

Gabrielle Dolan, author of Real Communication and Stories for Work

"Whether through one of our chats, or through reading one of his great books, I have learned so much from Dermot about being more calm and focused and deliberate in how I decide on the right things to do and when to them, and then get them done. Like everyone, I can easily fall into…

Stacey Barr, strategic performance specialist, author of Prove it!

I finished this book on the weekend in just a day and loved it! Really great content and relatable examples, actually feels such a relief while reading it. The words of a globally recognised time management expert help unpack why the day feels as crammed and stressed as it does, and importantly, what can be…

Sarah Hearn, Executive, Customer Remediation at NAB


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