Stacey Barr, strategic performance specialist, author of Prove it!

Posted by Chauntelle Rakebrandt on 12th August 2020

“Whether through one of our chats, or through reading one of his great books, I have learned so much from Dermot about being more calm and focused and deliberate in how I decide on the right things to do and when to them, and then get them done. Like everyone, I can easily fall into the urgency trap, reacting to what is always more demand than I’ll ever be able to supply. But it’s Dermot’s advice and techniques that make this urgency whirlwind happen less and less often. As the world continues to change around us, businesses can’t afford to give in to the urgency trap anymore. We all need to get more focused and deliberate on deciding the right things to do and when to do them, and then get them done. And Dermot’s book, Urgent! is the practical formula to help us.”

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