Jaquie Scammell, Director Customer Relations, Tennis Australia

Posted by Chauntelle Rakebrandt on 4th August 2016

We are an organization that gears up at the end of the year enormous work load leading into the Australian Open. There is a significant sense of “busyness” amongst the teams and I was looking for an expert that could talk to all levels of employees and management and relate to their “busyness” by providing them some new insights and work tactics to allow them to work smarter and not harder.

Since Dermot has visited our business and delivered his keynote presentation his name has been the echo of our workplace corridors for the past few months as people have discovered an easier way of life in a very busy period of our calendar year.

I have had multiple employees thank me for finding such an inspiring speaker and an overwhelming sense of delight when staff have shared what they have implemented since hearing Dermot speak and how it has impacted their daily lives.

Dermot has been described as a speaker that not only has valuable tools and takeaways that staff were able to implement immediately but he delivers the message in a way that is engaging and entertaining.

I personally believe that Dermot has saved me hours of work each day and I couldn’t sing his praises enough when it comes to the value he offers in the time I have spent with him.

I would recommend Dermot to any organization that is needing uplifting and motivating in personal productivity and who are prepared to learn new tricks and habits that will change the way you think about your approach to work forever.

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