Matt Lumsdaine

Matt Lumsdaine

Senior Facilitator & Executive Coach

Matt is an experienced executive coach and facilitator.

He is also an accomplished business professional with a background in management consulting, project management and sales. With over 25 years of experience in the thriving and competitive IT industry, Matt understands the difference productive working capacity makes to organisations and the individuals who contribute to their success.

Experience shows that the vast majority of people working today have far more to offer than they actually deliver. They may be leaders on a path of constant improvement, highly trained sales people finding it harder to get the results, newly promoted managers struggling with the transition to leadership, or experienced service delivery staff, but some of the time they all feel overwhelmed by the workload and performance can suffer. This clearly represents both a waste of corporate resources and of human potential.

The Adapt Executive Coaching and the Adapt training programs that Matt facilitates combine behavioral science with ultra-practical and effective use of existing technology to help us free up our full potential and operate at our best.

Matt enjoys inspiring people to become far more effective, contributing to a productive organisational culture, achieving better performance and more sustainable results.

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