Smart Leaders Program


The Smart Leaders program combines three short group training sessions with an optional 1:1 follow-up session for each executive. It provides senior leadership teams with a quick start to getting organised and creates a framework to support a culture of productivity across their division or organisation. The program addresses the specific productivity issues faced by senior executives, and moves from helping the executives get focused and in control, to helping them to spend more time on the activities that have real impact, and finally to helping them leverage the productivity of those around them.

Smart Leaders takes a practical approach to productivity, so participants don’t just learn theory – they actually implement it during the training. Technology plays a big factor in our productivity, so all principles are linked to implementation strategies using MS Outlook, OneNote and other Office 365 productivity tools. > .row:first-child{ display: none; padding-top: 0!important; }

Outlook Prework Setup Guide

So you’re ready to hit the ground running for our first session, we ask that you complete the setup guide linked below.  You’ll be making some small tweaks to Outlook to help you boost your productivity. We’ll expand on these and give you the ‘why’ behind them, during the training.

Download the Pre-Work Setup Guide

Leading Productivity Whitepaper

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