Smart Work Online

Delivered via webinar, Smart Work Online shows busy knowledge workers how to manage their schedules, priorities, and information more effectively using the technology already at their fingertips, specifically MS Outlook and MS OneNote. This program has been tailored to assist office-based workers as well as remote workers and is suited to teams or groups within an organisation.
Program Overview
Designed for The Smart Work Online webinars will benefit anyone managing a busy workload and using MS Outlook. This program is especially relevant to teams who are working remotely
Program Duration 2 x 2 hour webinars
Program Size Up to 25 participants
Location Online
  • Manage all activity in one central planning tool
  • Create a daily action plan to focus on priorities and commitments
  • Balance meeting and task workload
  • Filter & prioritise all forms of incoming work, including e-mail
  • Clear the inbox to zero weekly
  • Balance working proactively on key priorities as well as responding to urgent issues
  • Harness the full power of Microsoft Outlook and OneNote
  • Maintain focus in an interruption-driven environment
  • Be on time and in control of deadlines
  • Stay connected with your team when working remotely
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It’s a daily challenge to stay productive in today’s ever-changing workplace.

We’re bombarded with a deluge of emails, overfull calendars, and countless distractions that conspire to keep us away from our most important priorities.

At the same time, we have powerful tools at our fingertips to help us stay organised.  Problem is, few of us leverage them the way they should.​  That’s where Adapt Productivity’s Smart Work Online training can help.

How we work and communicate has changed dramatically as newer, faster, better technologies have been developed.  But for all this technology, we are still struggling with the same old issues!

  • How do we prioritise?
  • How do we control the deluge of incoming work?
  • How do we work proactively in a reactive workplace?

Adapt Productivity has developed a powerful method for training people to be more productive.  We blend tested productivity enhancing principles with the power and functionality of MS Outlook. We take the theory and show you how to implement it in the technology. We focus on creating real behavioural change with our practical, hands on training.

The learning does not stop once the workshop ends. Our follow up online program, Making it Stick, is a blended learning solution that maximises the behavioural change for all attendees.  Participants receive six weekly emails after the workshop. Each email links them to a short video and a whitepaper designed to reinforce the learning and keep them moving forward on the path to increased productivity. We know you will be thrilled with the results.

Give us a day and we will give you a month

Our 2 x two-hour webinar version of Smart Work Online delivers tangible results in the short, medium and long term.

The proof is in the pudding

We guarantee you’ll get immediate results. Just checkout the stats below collected from our participants of past courses.


gained at least 30 minutes of
more productive time per day


achieved greater focus on important work


increased their ability to manage email


achieved inbox zero on a regular basis


would recommend the training
to others in their organisation

Online program in detail

The Smart Work Online webinars are run as two webinars about a week apart. We leave time between each webinar to allow participants to implement and practice. Throughout the webinars, participants will learn about best practice productivity principles and how and to apply them in MS Outlook.

What you receive:

  • 2 x two-hour webinars (Part 1 & Part 2) for up to 15 participants
  • A copy of Dermot Crowley’s book ‘Smart Work’ book for each participant
  • Registration to Making it Stick, our online post-training eCourse to help participants embed what they learn
  • Permanent access to our resources website which includes Outlook set-up guides, whitepapers, and ‘how to’ manuals

The 2 x two-hour webinars include:

Part One (2 hours)

Introduction & Overview

  • Participant expectations
  • The MS Outlook planning system
  • Types of work and activities
  • Workload centralisation and funneling

MS Outlook Set-Up

  • Set up Smart Work views
  • Optimising Outlook alerts and notifications
  • Build an email processing toolbar

Managing Actions

  • Working with a proactive schedule
  • Task and calendar management
  • Daily planning process
  • Managing actions remotely

Part Two (2 hours)

Managing Inputs

  • Clearing the inbox to zero
  • Inbox noise reduction strategies
  • Efficient filing and searching
  • Managing non-email inputs

Managing Outcomes

  • Prioritising important work
  • Aligning outcomes with actions
  • Planning for success
  • Remote collaboration strategies

Next Steps

  • Next steps action plan
  • Changing habits and behaviours
  • Additional resources

I am delighted to report that today, the team are totally energised and working diligently to implement the new systems.  The office has a completely different feel, a warmth of positive energy.

David Smith, Managing Director, SC Botanicals

You have revolutionised my life! Our session on Wednesday was a game-changer for me! Unlike most courses, where I begin seriously invested and drift off half way through, I actually found myself becoming more invested in what you were saying as the day progressed.  

Monique Hope-Pearson, Group Legal Council, Connective Broker Services

Dermot’s workshop and 1 on 1 coaching was life changing for my team and me. Personally, I have regained at least 16 hours each week, and my team have become evangelists, converting everyone they meet to their new approach to email and task management.  

Fiona Geddes, General Manager Direct Channels Support, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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