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Posted by Dermot Crowley on 22nd June 2021

I know you are busy, but I want you to take a moment and do a quick exercise for me.

Have a look at your schedule for the coming week. Then look at your task list for the week.

Which of these planned activities, whether a meeting, task or communication, will have the greatest impact? If you had to cancel everything else, which is the one you would keep because it created the greatest value? Once you get clear about what activity will be most impactful, ask yourself why. What is it about that activity that creates so much value?

Finally, ask yourself what additional activities you could or should schedule for the coming week that would be just as impactful.

I reckon we get caught up with a lot of important and urgent work that is a good use of our time, but we don’t actively drive the work that has the most impact quite as much as we should. By taking a moment each week to do this simple exercise, it could double the impact in your role.

My moment of impact this week is writing this newsletter, and in doing so supporting a really inspiring charity – Hands Across the Water. I caught up with Scott Stein, one of the directors of the Hands Group last week and heard about the amazing work that they do to support orphaned children in Thailand. See the link below to their Future of Leadership events being run around Australia from July to September. I aim to be there. I hope you can be too. I know it will be impactful.

Future of Leadership Conference

With the pandemic challenges over the past 12 months some industries are going really well, whilst others are struggling – including many charities that need our support.

Rather than asking for a hand out, the charity Hands Across the Water takes a different approach. For the past 8 years they have run the 1 Day Future of Leadership Event across Australia and New Zealand. Hands was started after the Boxing Day Tsunami by a friend of mine, Peter Baines, and now supports over 350 Thai children across 7 locations in Thailand. They also operate in a different way to most charities with a separate entity running corporate events that brings in revenue to offset the administration of the charity.

To help raise funds for Hands Across the Water, every speaker donates their time (and their travel costs!) to this incredible charity that works hard to provide for Thai children and their communities. The growing list of Future of Leadership Conference speakers includes Matt Church, Erika Bagshaw, Paul Watkins, Katrina Webb, Justin Jones, Dave Penglase plus a growing list of exciting and informative speakers. The 1 Day Future of Leadership event is being held in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland & Wellington in July & August.

So you can be inspired by some of the top leadership experts in the country – and support a unique charity that needs a bit of help transitioning out of the pandemic.

As a reader of my articles you are able to receive a 15% discount when you book by using the code: SCOTT15. Just head to the website and select your city, put in the promo code and you are in!


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