Peter Cook, Chairperson of Thought Leaders, author of The Thought Leaders Practice and The New Rules of Management

Posted by Chauntelle Rakebrandt on 12th August 2020

“This latest offering from Australia’s leading expert on productivity is his best work yet (and that’s saying something…Dermot’s work has already had a profound impact on me and my team, and transformed how we work and how we work together). If you want to do more deep work, more meaningful work and have an impact, the key is taming urgency.  As you’ll learn, we don’t want to eradicate urgency (as if we could)…just get rid of unproductive urgency and fuel ourselves with the right kind of urgency at the right time.  This book will show you how. You’ll finish this book with deep clarity about what to do and energised to take action. This is the thinking person’s productivity bible for the next decade.”

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