Justine Cain, Divisional General Manager, Medibank

Posted by Chauntelle Rakebrandt on 5th December 2016

We have found working with Dermot Crowley extremely rewarding.  As a team we have developed a new operating rhythm, a common language for efficiency practices and gained collective and individual insights into our optimal working styles.  We have collectively been so impressed with what we have learnt that we have requested Dermot continue to work with us on a regular basis to continue to hone our skills, stay true to the working methodologies he has taught us and continue to operate as efficiently as possible.  As a leader when I hear the words “this training has changed my life”, “how did I ever get through all my work before meeting Dermot”, “Dermot is a super star” and “I am so grateful to Dermot for getting a better balance in my life”, I can only say that the training is money well spent!

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