Smart Work Prework

Welcome from Dermot

In this video Dermot gives an overview of the Smart Work program and why completing
this pre-work will help you implement the Smart Work system.

How to use these resources

In the PDF guide below you’ll find instructions for setting up your MS Outlook in the ‘Smart Work’ way.  As prework, please work your way through these instructions and set your system up before attending the session.  It is a prerequisite for attending and will mean that you can fully implement the Smart Work productivity strategies we share with you. Video tutorials to support the guide are below. You do not need to complete both the PDF and videos, you can choose your preferred format.

Time Required

Completing these set-up changes will take 10-15 minutes, depending on your comfort level around working with technology.  Just be sure to follow the instructions step-by-step and don’t rush it. There are four distinct sets of changes we recommend making to Outlook.

MS Outlook Versions

This guide is based on the desktop version of Outlook.  It is not suitable or applicable to people who use the online versions, the Mac versions, or the version of Outlook found on smart phones and iPads.  Adapt Productivity has already confirmed that your organisation uses the desktop versions.

Printing These Set-Up Changes

While it’s important to minimise the use of paper, please print this guide if it makes for easier reference as you complete the changes.

Outlook Setup Guide

Download the Setup Guide in PDF format.

Download the Setup Guide

Video Tutorials

These videos support the PDF guide. You do not need to complete both the PDF and videos, you can choose your preferred format.


Step 1: Basic MS Outlook Setup

Dermot talks through some basic options modifications in Outlook to improve productivity.


Step 2: Daily Plan View Setup

Learn how to create a focused daily plan view in the Outlook calendar.


Step 3: Weekly Workflow Setup

Setup a more efficiently weekly workflow.


Step 4: Email Action QuickSteps Set-Up

Set up some simple QuickSteps in your inbox that will help you to action emails with just the press of a button.


Step 5: Advanced QuickSteps

Now that you have simplified your filing system, Dermot shows you how to turbocharge your QuickSteps.

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