Smart Teams Workshop

Smart Teams is a powerful workshop that will become the catalyst for a cultural change within your team or division. Your team will not only learn how to work better together, but will also walk away with an agreed set of productivity principles that will drive behaviours and boost productivity. This session is suited to teams or groups within an organisation.
Program Overview
Designed for In-house groups and teams
Program Duration Full-day Workshop
Program Size Max 15 participants
Location Onsite
  • Understand the frictions that drag your team’s productivity down
  • Understand the four qualities of a smart team
  • Develop a set of agreed productivity principles for working together
  • Learn to collaborate with others effectively
  • Have fewer, more effective meetings
  • Reduce inbox ‘noise’ across the team
  • Learn to write emails that get opened and actioned
  • Harness the power of technology to collaborate
  • Get inspired to work in a new, more productive way
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Build a culture where team productivity flows.

We are all striving to get more done, to be more efficient and to deliver good quality work. But even with the most effective personal organisation systems in place, our productivity is very much dependent on those around us. Conversely, their productivity is also dependent on us. Unfortunately this means the productivity of the whole team can be compromised all too easily. Instead of working together in a way that creates work-flow, we are at risk of creating work-friction.

In a workplace that is filled with email noise, countless ineffective meetings and poorly planned projects, your team will learn to communicate, congregate and collaborate in a productive way. They will develop team principles that will guide behaviours, and implement projects that will ensure a sustained productivity gain for the whole team.

Interruptions will be reduced. Collaboration on projects and initiatives will be streamlined. Meetings will achieve better outcomes in less time. And email noise will be kept to a minimum as your team learn to operate in a way that increases their own personal productivity as well as the productivity of everyone around them.

Clients who’ve benefitted from this program

I am delighted to report that today, the team are totally energised and working diligently to implement the new systems.  The office has a completely different feel, a warmth of positive energy.

David Smith, Managing Director, SC Botanicals

Adapt has helped me and many of my colleagues to improve our effectiveness and sharpen our focus by changing the way we use our technology. Dermot’s approach is straight forward, practical and produces immediate results.

Michael Rose, Chief Executive Partner, Allens Arthur Robinson

“Dermot presented at our recent Area Manager conference in the Gold Coast. Dermot delivered on the brief perfectly, and presented a tailored session that was both inspirational and instructional. I believe that his practical approach to productivity will ensure that my team actually implement what they have learnt.”

Angus Sullivan, Executive General Manager, Retail Sales & Service, CBA

The tools we have gained from your course have got me well and truly out of that ‘hurry sickness’ cycle of reactivity. So not only has your course made me more productive, but it might just stop me dropping dead from a stress related heart attack too.

James Redgrove, General Manager - Safety Systems, Dreamworld Australia

Workshop in detail




Explore the reasons why most teams suffer from reduced productivity.

  • Friction to flow
  • Team productivity framework

Productivity Principles

Working together productively requires everyone to agree on some basics.

  • Productivity qualities
  • ‘Game Theory’ productivity
  • Team productivity principles


Learn how to reduce the level of noise that comes into your collective inboxes.

  • Writing effective emails
  • CC, Reply All and etiquette explained
  • Alternatives to email




Meetings are often cited as one of the worst drains on corporate productivity.

  • Make every meeting count
  • Plan and run awesome meetings
  • Develop and own meeting principles


Learning to collaborate productively is critical in todays workplace.

  • Reduce unnecessary urgency
  • Make your projects visible
  • Learn to interrupt mindfully

Next Steps

Finally go and create a more productive culture in your team

  • Embedding your team principles
  • Keeping yourselves accountable


Does it sound like your team needs this workshop?

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