Smart Leaders Program

Senior executives have the most to gain by increasing their productivity, yet are the least likely to take the time to upgrade their skills. The Smart Leaders program not only helps them individually to work more effectively, it will help them to create a culture of productivity across the organisation.
Program Overview
Designed for Organisational or divisional leadership teams
Program Duration Tailored for each team
Program Size 12 executives plus EAs if applicable
Location In-house
  • Learn to balance a busy meeting schedule
  • Get on top of email and the Inbox
  • Reduce inbox noise
  • Centralise actions, organise inputs and realise outcomes
  • Create more time to think and plan
  • Enhance productivity for both executive and EA
  • Develop practical productivity protocols
  • Create a culture that amplifies productivity
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Are you leading productivity?

Cultures are molded by the actions and behaviours of people within an organisation, and the people who have the most influence on a culture are the leadership level. Creating a culture that amplifies productivity rather than dilutes it requires leaders to model good productivity behaviours, as well as ensuring that each team has the right tools, systems, knowledge and protocols in place to maximise their productivity.

The Smart Leaders program combines two short group training sessions with a 1:1 follow-up session for each executive. It provides senior leadership teams with a quick start-up to getting organised and creates a framework to support a culture of productivity across the organisation. The program moves from personal productivity through to team productivity and finally to organisational productivity. Participants not only learn to boost their own productivity, they learn how to help those around them be more productive. We call this the Amplification Effect.

The program takes an extremely practical approach to productivity, so participants don’t just learn theory – they actually implement during the training. Technology plays a big factor in our productivity, so all principles are linked to implementation strategies using MS Outlook, OneNote and handheld devices.

Program in detail

The Smart Leaders program combines two short group training sessions with a 1:1 follow-up session for each executive. It provides senior leadership teams with a quick start-up to getting organised and creates a framework to support a culture of productivity across the organisation.


Session 1: Half-day group training

The initial group training sessions gets the leadership team and their support staff organised and back in control. We look at a range of strategies to centralise actions, organise inputs and realise outcomes. The concepts are based on Dermot Crowley’s best-selling book, Smart Work. Each executive will work in their own mailbox in MS Outlook, and will make radical changes to their productivity system during the session. If applicable, their EA will sit next to them and help them to set up their new Smart Work system.


Session 2: 1 on 1 coaching session 

A couple of weeks later, each executive will then receive a 1:1 coaching session in their office to help them to implement the concepts and to tailor the system to their situation and needs. Again, if applicable, their EA will join in this session.


Session 3: Half-day group training

The final training session will provide a chance to review progress and identify any barriers to implementation. We then look beyond individual productivity to the productivity at the team and organisational level. We look at some of the levers that leaders can pull to amplify productivity across the organisation and build a culture of productivity.

Leading Productivity

How to create a super productive culture

This whitepaper looks at the productivity challenges facing organisations in today’s digital age, and what you can do as a leader to meet these challenges in a practical and effective way. It provides a template to build a ‘Superproductive’ culture that experiences sustained productivity across the whole team.

Clients who’ve benefitted from this program

Adapt has helped me and many of my colleagues to improve our effectiveness and sharpen our focus by changing the way we use our technology. Dermot’s approach is straight forward, practical and produces immediate results.

Michael Rose, Chief Executive Partner, Allens Arthur Robinson

Dermot Crowley's Smart Work is an exciting personal productivity game-changer. 7 days on from our Leadership Team of 60 people spending 3 hours with Dermot, it's great to see the buzz during the session translated into a team who are excited to have found a simple and practical way to release their potential and that…

David Smith, Managing Director, Diageo Australia

Dermot is a true professional who unlocks time by smart use of technology together with tried and true time management principles.

Kathleen Bailey-Lord, Group GM Shared Services, ANZ Bank

Dermot’s workshop and 1 on 1 coaching was life changing for my team and me. Personally, I have regained at least 16 hours each week, and my team have become evangelists, converting everyone they meet to their new approach to email and task management.  

Fiona Geddes, General Manager Direct Channels Support, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

We have found working with Dermot Crowley extremely rewarding.  As a team we have developed a new operating rhythm, a common language for efficiency practices and gained collective and individual insights into our optimal working styles.  We have collectively been so impressed with what we have learnt that we have requested Dermot continue to work…

Justine Cain, Divisional General Manager, Medibank

Does this sound right for your Leadership Team?

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