A productive partnership

In a recent executive team training session, I asked the organisations Managing Director how they felt about their workload.  They replied “overwhelmed”. I then asked their EA how they felt and they replied “Helpless”. What an interesting dynamic, yet one I see on a regular basis. Senior executives are usually the most time poor workers in any organisation. They are also […]

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Capture anything with Turboscan

TurboScan is a fantastic new app for the iPhone that lets you take a high resolution picture of your meeting notes, or any document, save it as a multi page PDF, and quickly send it to your inbox where you can attach it to the meeting in Outlook for future reference.  The documents also gets […]

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Three levels of productivity

Here we are in 2014. Lets make this the year when you work at your productive best, while at the same time encouraging others to operate productively too.  Productivity is often seen as an individual undertaking.  We hope that by simply applying a system, or a set of principles, we will be more organised and more productive. […]

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