Leading Productivity

To boost the productivity of an individual, you need to change behaviours. To boost the productivity of an organisation, you need to change the culture.


This FREE whitepaper shows you how to create a culture that allows productivity to flourish.

Leading Productivity Whitepaper

Over the past fifteen years I have worked with hundreds of organisations, teaching their managers and staff to work more productively by leveraging technology. We always achieve great results, but I have had a couple of growing frustrations over the past few years.

Firstly, we are often brought in to train the troops, but the leadership level feels too busy to attend the training themselves (oh the irony). Yet the leadership team are often the ones who can benefit most from more effective work practices. Secondly, the participants we train often go back into a culture that cares little about their newfound productivity skills, and actually works to drag their productivity back down to an ineffective level again. They get overwhelmed and stressed again, and fall back into old comfortable habits.

Does this resonate with you?

You might like to download a copy of my new whitepaper Leading Productivity, which discusses a multi-level approach to changing the productivity culture in a team or organisation. It maps out the journey from Disruptive to Superproductive, and will help you think about what your team needs to do to create a sustained lift in productivity. Please share this whitepaper with your leadership team and start the conversation about a more productive way of working.

Leading Productivity Whitepaper

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